How You Can Help


Friends of Shoal Harbour (FOSH) is a charitable society registered under the BC Societies Act.  Donations can be made through one of the FOSH Directors listed below:

  • Bob Peart 250 655 0295
  • Elaine Ethier 250 656 6203
  • or by mail to Friends of Shoal Harbour c/o


One focus of Friends of Shoal Harbour (FOSH) is aimed at promoting improved recognition and protection of the 1931 Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  We also work towards integrating our efforts with those of other local environmental groups around the concept of Naturehood, the enjoyment of and respect for nature in urban environments. There are opportunities for participation in hands-on field work, public events, publicity and advocacy. You don’t need to be a science geek to get involved.


The more supporters we can recruit, the more credible and effective will be our collective voice.  If you wish to be identified as a FOSH Supporter please send us an e-mail with your contact information to


1 thought on “How You Can Help

  1. The cruise on Sunday was fabulous! We learned so much about Victoria’s seabird sanctuary. To experience this with live description from Jacques Sirois was most fortunate .
    Thank you Farrell


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