Peninsula Streams Gala Fundraising Silent Auction: Six Days Left!

If you are connected with one of the many local “environmental” groups you will know about Peninsula Streams now approaching its 20th (2022) anniversary. Peninsula Streams has to be one of the most dynamic environmental conservation, restoration and education organizations around. Friends of Shoal Harbour crept cautiously into full daylight from under the wing of Peninsula Streams.and we are both believers and supporters.

But there is always the money thing and the achievements of Peninsula Streams and those of all the other environmental groups depend on both moral and tangible public support, hence THE BIG ASK.

Not to be pushed aside by the Covid restrictions, Peninsula Streams has assembled an amazing Online Silent Auction, well worth a visit for the simple pleasure of viewing the varied and ;beautiful items on offer (an incomplete sampling displayed here).

Here’s a link to the auction website. Instructions are simple and easy to follow.

If nothing catches your eye or matches your pocketbook please consider a donation of that essential energizer and lubricant, money!

Handmade plate by Debra Cherniawsky Durrer
Hand made flies with trout fishing instructions
Gin sampler from Phillips Fermentorium

Sensory descriptions of personal Naturehoods from Mary MacKay’s Grade 2 class at Sidney Elementary School

All the students in Mary MacKay’s Grade 2 class at Sidney Elementary School participated in an interesting reworking of the original challenge. Students were asked to describe their personal Naturehoods through the five senses, taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell. Here are five excellent submissions from Sabine, Vincent, Zoee, Keegan and Olive..


A picture and a story by Quillan plus a picture by Cabe

Quillan (age 7) and her brother Cabe (age 5) have both contributed to this project. Good work, both of you; canoes coming your way soon.

Here’s a link to a description of the project