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bufflehead landing altered &cropped

The Friends of Shoal Harbour Society (FOSH), a citizens’ initiative, seeks the continued protection of the Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary. The Sanctuary, containing valuable natural habitat, was established by Federal Statute in 1931 in order to protect the large number and variety of visiting and resident birds.   Over 50 species of birds can still be found there.

FOSH actively encourages the establishment of a community-based vision and plan, that respects both the natural habitat and the interests of the many stakeholders, for the waters and foreshore of the Sanctuary, including Tsehum Harbour and Roberts Bay. To this end FOSH engages the two adjacent municipalities, the District of North Saanich and the Town of Sidney, as well as the public at large.

FOSH partners with Nature Canada to promote the aspirational concept of “NatureHood” – nature in your neighbourhood. Getting people out to enjoy the natural spaces accessible to where they live is built on the research that shows access to healthy nature improves our well-being. Learning to live simply in community with our fellow humans and our natural surroundings is essential to recovery from the climate crisis we are all facing.

FOSH engages area residents directly through friendly public events such as the mid-October “All Buffleheads Day”, a welcoming ceremony for the migratory birds returning to winter in the Sanctuary and adjacent areas. Our website/blog (www.shoalharbour.com) communicates upcoming events, issues of concern, nature stories and images, the work of local artists and writers. You can follow FOSH on Facebook (Friends of Shoal Harbour Society) or email us at bufflegabmail@gmail.com. Join our supporters list and receive notification of events and opportunities to participate in our projects.



La Société des Amis du Sanctuaire de Shoal Harbour/Friends of Shoal Harbour Society, (FOSH) en abrégé) est une initiative citoyenne qui vise à poursuivre la protection permanente du sanctuaire d’oiseaux migrateurs de Shoal Harbour. Le Sanctuaire, un habitat naturel de grande valeur, obtint un statut fédéral en 1931 afin de protéger un nombre important d’espèces d’oiseaux résidents et migrateurs. Plus de 50 espèces d’oiseaux continuent d’utiliser cette espace protégé.

FOSH encourage activement l’établissement d’une vision et d’un plan soutenu par la communauté qui respecte les eaux et les rives du sanctuaire et les intérêts de nombreuses parties prenantes. A cette fin, FOSH s’implique à collaborer avec les deux municipalités adjacentes, le District de North Saanish et la ville de Sidney, ainsi que le public au sens large.

FOSH collabore avec Nature Canada afin de promouvoir le concept de ‘Comunature’, la nature dans notre voisinage.   Des recherches démontrent que notre bien-être s’améliore lorsque nous sommes à l’extérieur profitant des espaces naturels proches des endroits où nous vivons.

Apprendre à vivre simplement en communauté avec nos semblables humains et notre environnement naturel nous aidera à supporter et à nous remettre de la crise climatique à laquelle nous faisons face.

FOSH veille à impliquer directement les résidents de la région à travers des évènements publics tels que la journée du petit Garrot vers la mi-octobre. Une journée qui célèbre le retour de cet oiseau migrateur à son aire de repos pour l’hiver.

Notre site sur la toile (www.shoalharbour.com) communique les activités à venir, les situations soulevant des préoccupations, des histoires et images en relation avec l’environnement naturel du sanctuaire, le travail d’artistes et écrivains locaux, Vous pouvez suivre FOSH sur Facebook (Friends of Shoal Harbour Society) ou en nous écrivant un courriel à bufflegabmail@gmail.com

Google Map showing portions of Sidney & North Saanich foreshore that are part of the Migratory Bird Sanctuary. See also History of the Sanctuary.

Google Map showing portions of Sidney & North Saanich foreshore that are part of the Migratory Bird Sanctuary. See also Location  & History . Carte Google qui montre les parties de la cote de Sidney et de North Saanich  qui font part  de la Sanctuaire des  Oiseaux Migratoires de Shoal Harbour

2 thoughts on “About Us / A Propos de Nous

  1. We were previously members of the CCC (Citizens Coalition for Conservation). In 2010, our family got together and entered the Sidney Canada Day Parade to honour the Shoal Harbour IBA. As a result, we have two huge poster boards, a large Mallard Duck head, eagle head and wings, and several other items that were used in the parade on a float that we made. We also borrowed a Bufflehead Duck costume from Kerry Findley and a papier mache bufflehead. Mabel Jean Rawlins also has a plywood constructed heron that was on the float. As Canada Day has just passed, we would like to hand these effects on to your organization in hopes that someone would take the opportunity to use them either in a parade or at a celebration in the future. Please let us know if this is possible.

    Warm regards, Jean and Steve Johnson


    • Hi Jean and Steve,

      Thanks so much for your kind offer. They sound like items that would be very useful for future displays. I would love to pick them up from you (any time after this Saturday). If you could give me a call about this, that would be wonderful. My phone number is 250-656-6203.


      Elaine Ethier


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