10 am, October 22, 2021: All Buffleheads Celebration on Roberts Bay

On Saturday morning, October 22, please visit Roberts Bay Beach (access at intersection of Ardwell Avenue and Resthaven Drive). Since the previous All Buffleheads Ceremony on this site (October 16, 2021) Roberts Bay has been the scene of scientific study and restoration. We’d like to share this good news with you.

The Mayors of North Saanich and Sidney, still recovering from the excitement of the recent municipal elections, will be there to share their ambitions for the coming year as will our Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May and our Member of the BC Legislature, Adam Olsen.

There will be some science stuff to look at and some genuine scientists to quiz.

And if previous celebrations are any guide, there will be some light-heated stuff, too.

Come and join the people who enjoy the wild things around us.

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