A Fresh look at Roberts Bay:

New Information Shared by the Roberts Bay Residents Association

Roberts Bay looking north across the Mermaid Creek Estuary (summer 2021). Photo by Mary Chu.

Roberts Bay Restoration Project

Hot off the press!!  We just received the attached  report  “Analysis of Current and Historic Conditions in Roberts Bay” from Peninsula Streams and Sea Change Societies. Prepared by CORI (Coastal and Oceans Resources Inc.), it provides a detailed description of things like the slope and structure of the shoreline around the bay plus the plants and animals found at each level. This is in addition to the birds and other wildlife we are already familiar with which depend on the bay’s ecology for their survival. Starting at page 40, (see link below)  the work on the Mermaid Creek estuary and saltmarsh demonstrates how the saltmarsh has diminished and receded in the past  60 years and how this  relates to carbon storage and climate change. The final paragraph (page 60) concludes: “This analysis provides insights into potential restoration efforts. It is clear the estuary can support a much larger marsh which is a good basis for restoration and provides a reasonable expectation of success. The active erosion of the front edge, the sediment deposits on the marsh during storm events, and the coastal squeeze the marsh is currently experiencing make it clear that simply adding sediment to the beach below the marsh and replanting (or allowing colonization) will fail if measures are not put in place to mitigate wave action and prevent erosion.”  This report, along with other documented evidence like water quality and volumes at the Mermaid Creek outfall, provides a foundation for the Town, Peninsula Streams and Sea Change to seek funding to engage shoreline restoration specialists and work with residents to maintain and enhance Roberts Bay for the future.


Reprinted with permission from the Roberts Bay Residents Steering Committee

Editor’s Note: It is understood that the rapid surges in flow delivered to Roberts Bay following heavy rainfall events are potentially harmful to the creek estuary and to Roberts Bay due to both quality and quantity of the storm water. The :”atmospheric rivers” experienced this autumn (2021) seem likely to become seasonal events heightening the importance of adequate storm water management..

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