2021 All Buffleheads Celebration

October 16, 2021 All Buffleheads Celebration

From left to right: Happy dog, Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May, Member of the Provincial Parliament, Adam Olsen and the Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia enjoy a chat before the official proceedings begin. We thank these influential and busy people for their continued support of our initiatives. By attending our celebration they affirm the importance of local organizations in promoting interest in action towards a healthy environment for birds, people and everything in between.

Master of Ceremonies, Bob Peart (Chair, Friends of Shaol Harbour) launches the proceedings

Tiffany Joseph, representative of the WSANEC Leadership Council,,speaks eloquently of the long occupancy of this site by the WSANEC people. Some WSANEC people think that the creation of the migratory bird sanctuary was beneficial to both birds and the interests of settlers.

The Town of Sidney’s Mayor, Cliff McNeil-Smith is a regular supporter of and attendee at All Buffleheads Celebrations as is the District of North Saanich Mayor Geoff Orr. Mayor Orr talked about the need to unlearn and then relearn, skills essential to coping with the changing times we live in.

Mayor of the District of North Saanich, Geoff Orr

Farrell Boyce and Elaine Ethier (encouraged by Bob Peart in the background) perform How’d It Go This Summer?, a conversation between a stay-at-home Blue Heron and recently arrived Bufflehead Duck. The two critters talk about their experiences during a long, hot summer and their hopes that the “two-legs-no-wings” who seem to enjoy watching them will also be their friends..

Photographs by Rick Searle

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