2021 All Buffleheads Celebration

Naturalist Kerry Finley, whose writings appear from time to time on these posts, has monitored the arrival and departure of migratory birds here on the Saanich Peninsula for many years. His studies provide convincing evidence that the seasonal migrations of birds are strongly dependent on the seasonal progression of weather which in turn is dependent upon the regular (but actually very slowly varying) oscillations due to celestial mechanics. Of all the migratory birds that come and go on the Saanich Peninsula none are more punctual than Bufflehead ducks.

Despite the dangerous and very observable warming trend attributed largely to human over use of fossil fuels, migratory birds, notably the bufflehead ducks, these little keepers of the faith, maintain their seasonal schedules. Take this as a good sign that it may not be too late to confront and reduce our careless exploitations so that the ever-evolving dance of the rich life on this planet continues to amaze those able to observe and celebrate it.

Celebrating amazement together – that’s what we do on All Buffleheads Celebration.

Please join us from 10 am to 12 noon at the Ardwell Beach access (east end of Ardwell Avenue in Sidney). You may chat with your representatives at the municipal, provincial and federal governments as well as the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, The Honourable Janet Austin (see link below for a capsule biography).


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