A Picture and Story by Sofia

This excellent and colourful illustrated story by Sofia (age 7) certainly merits a Nature Canada Canoe in exchange. Thank you Sofia!

[see January 1 post on this site for a description of this project]


“Deer” a picture and story by Taylore

Friends of Shoal Harbour are pleased to award a Nature Canada Canoe to Taylore (age 8) in exchange for this story illustrated with a very fine drawing of a deer. Taylore enjoys outdoor rambles with her family.


Happy New Year from Friends of Shoal Harbour (and help us distribute these Nature Canada Canoes)

Nature Canada :Critters in a Canoe” stuffed toy (canoe is approximately 20 cm long). Animals can be detached from the canoe.

In 2018 Nature Canada sent us a boxful of he toys pictured above suggesting that we could use them to promote their naturehood concept (nature in your neighbourhood). We thought that the canoes would appeal to young children. In order to direct some energy towards the promotion of naturehood we offered a canoe in exchange for an illustrated story from a local person (ages 8 to 11 years) about their personal naturehoods, a story that we could post on this website. We encouraged imagination because it is in short supply among grown-up persons. Our initial promotion of this idea fell short so we are trying once more.

This time out we are hoping that you, dear readers, will reach out to children ages 8 to 11 +/- you know (kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces or neighbours) in the Greater Victoria area (area we can reach for personal delivery) and advise them of this opportunity to claim a Nature Canada Canoe and have their story published on this website. This offer is good until 6 pm on Wednesday, February 10. The details of this proposal can be obtained by clicking on the link below. The link is written out in full so that it can be copied and shared..



We look forward to receiving stories and pictures that we can post on this website/blog. These will cheer us up.

We wish all the readers of this post a happy and healthy New Year. Please continue to support each other and to enjoy the rich nature that surrounds us.