Friends of Shoal Harbour (FOSH) are looking for a new Treasurer

Returning swans

The Friends of Shoal Harbour (FOSH) is looking for a volunteer Treasurer who is interested in giving back to the community and helping to conserve a key natural element of the Saanich Peninsula. The purpose of FOSH is to educate people about and to conserve the integrity of the federally legislated Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Sidney and North Saanich.

No biology or environmental degree required but by hanging out with the FOSH crowd a person could learn some interesting stuff about the critters in our naturehood and the people who advocate for them. 

Being Treasurer takes, on average, 1/2 day per month. 

We have only 40-50 transactions a year with Coast Capital, so we don’t move around a lot of money.

The key duties are to:

i) maintain a record of our accounts;

ii) prepare the May 31 Year End Report for our members (we don’t undertake an audit process) and

iii) help submit the proper annual forms to BC and Canada re our Society and Registered Charity status.

Interested persons should contact FOSH Chair Bob Peart

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