Collecting YOUR thoughts about living well on the Saanich Peninsula (thanks to vibrant human and natural communities)

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Recently we posted a summary of the February 20, 2020 launch of the Saanich Peninsula Environmental Coalition. At that public meeting we talked about Peninsula-wide protection of the varied and vibrant nature surrounding our human communities, our naturehood, to borrow a compelling notion proposed by Nature Canada. This naturehood is shared by all three Saanich Peninsula municipalities (Central Saanich, North Saanich and the Town of Sidney). Notwithstanding the differences among these communities, it was proposed that a common or integrated set of bylaws protecting the shared naturehood might also be shared among the three human communities.

The Saanich Peninsula Environmental Coalition (Friends of Shoal Harbour |(FOSH) is one of the founding groups) is once again seeking input from area citizens regarding some of the ideas generated by the February 20 public launch of the Coalition. Readers will note that the Coalition is no longer talking about an Integrated Management Plan based on a regional uniformity of bylaws that protect the common naturehood but instead is talking about a Bioregional Framework that could include uniformity of bylaws or some other agreement or agreements that would achieve the same result.

The Saanich Peninsula constitutes a well-defined bioregion, sharing common landforms, soils, climate, flora and fauna, and coupled to the rest of he planet by large scale movements of atmosphere and oceans. Such a bioregion containing humans should be capable of maintaining itself while evolving as necessary over long periods of time.

We urge you, dear readers, to read the message below from the Saanich Peninsula Environmental Coalition and participate in one or more of the online offerings. Your continued support is very important to us.

The Saanich Peninsula Environmental Coalition is beginning another period of public engagement regarding the development of a Bioregional Framework! The purpose of a Bioregional Framework is to outline a set of shared principles that will facilitate ecologically sustainable practices across the Peninsula. In particular, the framework focuses on improving ecosystem integrity, building effective collaboration, and engaging community perspectives. It is guided by a singular vision:

In respectful collaboration with the W̱SÁNEĆ people, the municipalities of Central Saanich, North Saanich, and Sidney recognize the rich and interconnected ecology of the Saanich Peninsula Bioregion and commit to work together to preserve a healthy, sustaining environment for the future.

We are providing a number of opportunities for the broader public to help refine the development of a Bioregional Framework and provide general feedback. Listed below are the various ways in which you can make your voice heard. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Saanich Peninsula Environmental Coalition will be reaching out on PlaceSpeak. This will give an opportunity for individuals to participate in specific discussions on their own time. PlaceSpeak is a civic network platform and is free to register for.

Access Through: Or: Click here


Webinars will begin with a brief presentation on an aspect of the framework, but will largely operate as a guided Q&A and brainstorming session. Links to register for the webinars can be found on our PlaceSpeak ‘Events’ page (general link above), but are also listed below.

Session 1: Wednesday, Jul 29th, 2020 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Access through:

Session 2: Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Access through:

Session 3: Saturday, August 15th 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Access through:


Like our Facebook page to follow along and receive important updates!

Direct Contact:

You can also contact Jerram Gawley at, if you have direct comments or feedback and are unable to use the methods mentioned above.  

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