Hey, FOSHers, here’s some useful work we can do together: Join Friends of North Saanich Parks at Lillian Hoffar Park on Saturday, June 13 to remove invasive plants!

sophia's painting small

Self portrait of Sophia standing in the crotch of the big multi-stemmed cedar tree in Lillian Hoffar Park

Friends of North Saanich Parks is a grass roots movement with approximately 145 members. It focuses on invasive species removal and restoration of parks in the North Saanich Municipality. the Friends  have 6 parks underway at the moment. The group was formed in 2017 and the members have completed two parks to the monitoring stage. The organization has 6 stewards –one for each park we are actively working in and an executive. Here’s a link to the website www.fnsp.ca   Friends of North Saanich Parks is a natural ally of Friends of Shoal Harbour in caring for the naturehood we share. Their invitation to us is shared below. Here’s an opportunity to contribute – good for the body, good for the soul!

Hello Friends of Shoal Harbour;
The Friends of North Saanich Parks will hold an invasive plant removal event Saturday June 13th 10-2 pm in Lillian Hoffar Park. The park is off MacDonald Drive, between Parklands School grounds and White Birch Road. There is a small parking lot. Additional parking can be found on White Birch Road and near the fire hydrant on MacDonald Drive south of the park. Bottled water, juice boxes and home made individually wrapped bran muffins (made according to Covid precautions) will be available at the break. I can vouch for the fact that these muffins, made by one of our volunteers, are delicious. However, all attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and to bring their own snacks if they wish. We will meet at the white Hoffar sign in the park at 10.00 am.
The following Covid 19 restrictions are in place:
1) Please bring your own spades and other digging equipment to remove ivy roots. Should you need to borrow equipment from us sanitized wipes will be available for the user to clean the equipment afterward.
2) Bring and wear your gloves –particularly in carrying our tarps and handling the debris bags.
3) Social distancing will be adhered to during the event.
4) A member of our group will sign all individuals in and out.
Hand sanitizer will be available for all attendees if they wish to use it.
Thanks for joining us,
Sharon Hope
Executive Director




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