Naturehood “Stuffies” – Our First Claimant


We received a box containing 40+ stuffed toys from Nature Canada on the understanding that we would find a way to distribute them in order to promote the Naturehood concept (wild nature available to urban dwellers). We came up with the challenge described in the poster below in hopes that some claimants would show up at our all Buffleheads Celebration on Saturday October 13.

challenge poster

Hapily, one person showed up to claim one of the Naturehood “stuffies”. She is Sophia Adam, age 6, pictured here in the fork of the giant cedar tree in Lillian Hoffar Park.

Sophia photo small

Her picture below is a splendid abstracted rendition of the  photograph.


Congratulations, Sophia, we very much like your picture. At age 6, we think that you are probably not yet in Grade 3 so we should adjust our minimum entrance requirement downward to include people like you.

We have not given up on this challenge and we plan to promote it more effectively so as to be able to post more pictures (and stories) like this one.

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