October 13, 2018 All Buffleheads Celebration

Saturday, October 13 (Bufflehead Welcoming) and Sunday, October 14 (Migratory Bird Sanctuaries Cruise) were beautiful autumn days, ideal for our annual All Buffleheads Celebration. Yes, the first of the Bufflehead Ducks had returned to winter on the shores of the Saanich Peninsula earlier  than expected for good reasons as explained by naturalist Kerry Finley.

Kerry F.

Kerry Finley weaves a story about atmospheric Rossby waves and Bufflehead migrations

Buffleheads and their human admirers were welcomed by Sue Staniforth, President of Friends of Shoal Harbour. Our local MLA, Adam Olsen offered a First Nations welcome and spoke to the great value of the wild creatures of the Saanich Peninsula among whom we live and have lived for thousands of years. The great, often unspoken goal of all of us gathered on this fair morning is to promote this value to our human communities both here and beyond. This desire is the essence of the Naturehood concept we have come to embrace. Our Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May, a knowledgeable and tireless supporter of local environmental initiatives was also on hand to encourage us.

But we are not always solemn and we are definitely kid-friendly.  Elaine Ethier and Farrell Boyce performed another episode of the mock television nature show “You Won’t Believe This”  in which Hank-the-Heron offers some pointed comments on foreshore redevelopment. Sue Staniforth led a fun (non-collecting) scavenger hunt that encouraged kids and their parents to explore Roberts Bay and discover the many creatures we share this area with, through finding their shells, food sources, neighbours, nests and feathers! We engaged the first participant in our Nature Canada kids’ challenge – more about this in a separate post.

Adam Olsen-4345

Our local MLA Adam Olsen bridges the gap between ancient and modern ways

Elizabeth May-4336

Our Member of Parliament, Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May is an invaluable link to the wider world.

Jacques with sign-4362

Jacques Sirois (representing the Victoria Migratory bird Sanctuary) shows off an old sign reminding us of why the local Migratory Bird Sanctuaries were created.

Friends of Roberts Bay speaker-4373

Jocelyn Gifford tells us about a recently established neighborhood group, Friends of Roberts Bay. Friends of Shoal Harbour and Friends of Roberts Bay are natural allies.

Elaine and Farrell-4389

The host of the nature show “You Won’t Believe This” (Elaine Ethier) interviews guest Hank-the-Heron (Farrell Boyce).

Attendees at Ceremony-4379

Attendees of the Bufflehead Welcoming pay rapt attention. The person in the mauve coat is North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall, always a strong supporter.










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