March 11 2018 FOSH Birdwalk & Tea: Great day to brandish the binoculars!

Bob Peart with Attendees in Sidney-8482

Guide Bob Peart (far left) and birdwatchers at the foot of Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Sue with Attendees at Pat Bay-8496

Guide Sue Staniforth (clipboard) and birdwatchers  on the Scoter Trail at Patricia Bay

Rick serving tea-8508

Rick Bailey (right) serves tea at St. John’s United Church

Sue gives rundown on birds seen-8556

FOSH Co-President Sue Staniforth reports on 2017-2018 activities


contestants with prizes-8592

Winners of “Name That Bird”  pose with prizes.  Farrell Boyce (right) looks on.

Farrell and Elaine Skit-8596

Blarney Slinger (aka Farrell Boyce) interviews Buffee-the-Duck (aka Elaine Ethier) in a thrilling episode of  “You Won’t Believe This!”



blue heron

Name that Bird

About 30 people turned out at each of the two meeting spots (Patricia Bay Park on the west side of the Peninsula, the band-shell at the east end of Beacon Avenue in Sidney).  There were plenty of birds to be seen at both locations. About 30 folks came later to share tea and cookies at St. John’s United Church, to catch up with FOSH news and to participate in some goofy entertainment.  We enlisted some new supporters.  Thanks, everybody, it was a good afternoon!

[All photos except the last (part of a photo by Suzanne Huot) were taken by Rick Searle. Thanks, Rick!]

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