Hail, hail, the gang’s all here

October 30 contribution from K.J. Finley:

In spite of their late arrival, Buffleheads made up for lost time with a massive rapid influx in the last two days. A photographic census this afternoon gives an accurate count of 485, the highest number ever recorded. This phenological signature is remarkably similar to 2015, as are the major weather events that made the news : hot dry in BC, record forest fires, record cold in east. Note how far above last years numbers and the average, this year’s peak is. The Buffleheads know that Jack Frost will have the waters and lands firmly in hold tonight, with snow flurries and -13 forecast for Edmonton by Thursday.

buff surge

Arrival of 487 Bufflehead Ducks to Roberts Bay between October 21 and October 30, 2017



buff flock 30 oct

Part of a flock of 485 Buffleheads observed in Roberts Bay on October 30, 2017


Editor’s Note (in hopes that others will report their sightings [fmboyce@shaw.ca] for posting on this page): Farrell & Penny Boyce recent sightings:   1 Pacific Loon (Sunday pm, October 29, Saanich Inlet, off the west end of Downey Road). 5 Trumpeter Swans ( Monday am, October 30, Saanich Inlet, Patricia Bay), 2 Western Grebes  (Monday pm, Saanich Inlet,  off the west end of Norris Road)

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