“All Buffleheads Day”

by Stephanie Weinstein (of Naturekids)

On October 15th, six brave families– including 10 hardy children–came out to celebrate All Buffleheads Day at Roberts Bay in the Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Sidney, despite severe storm warnings and driving rain.  The VNHS Saturday bird-watching group spotted some of our most punctual migrants (aka Buffleheads) that morning and were present with scopes to help the children learn about these and other birds in the bay. Friends of Shoal Harbour and other partners, including Habitat Acquisition Trust, Peninsula Streams Society, and SeaChange Marine Conservation Society had interactive displays, games, and even some street theater for the participants. A big thanks to these organizations and to NatureHood, a program of Nature Canada, for supporting the participation of NatureKids Victoria in the event!



Cast of “Big Bill’s Birdie Book and Binocular Bazzar”

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