The Summerset Eagle Under Attack

eagle 1

The Summerset Eagle of Beaufort Grove under attack by a crow, 28 June, 2016. The ‘Summerset’ Eagle has occupied the same nest in an old Douglas Fir since 1991, when one of the adults was rescued .
Beaufort Grove is identified as a heritage grove (Captain O.J. and Eva Williams), and designated as deserving of protection within Sidney’s Official Community Plan. Several heritage trees overhanging the natural boundary of Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary provide essential feeding or resting habitat around Roberts Point for various migratory species.
This year the Summerset Eagles have produced only a single chick, a reflection of foraging conditions in the wake of a major El Nino oscillation

eagle 2

The Summerset Eagle nest is a major attraction in Sidney, bringing photographers and naturalists to Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Beaufort Grove is a natural arboretum with species of the Coastal Douglas Fir Ecosystem, part of our “Naturehood”.

K.J. Finley

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