March 12 2016: Second Annual FOSH Birdwalk & Tea

Despite the weather closing in on us, our annual March event (Bird-watching and Supporter’s Tea)  was a great success this past Saturday March 12th.

at the beach

Around 25 supporters and members arrived to follow Kerry Finley’s guided Bird Walk and learn more about the water birds conveniently gathered in the shallows adjacent to the Scoter Trail.  Thanks so much to Kerry for sharing his knowledge and to Rob Gray for his able assistance.  Thanks, too, to Sue for her wonderful hands-on presentation “Who Murdered This Mollusc?”.  More than a few people were overheard to say that they had learned many new things about how molluscs meet their demise.  Although the walk was a bit abbreviated by the blustery weather, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to get a closer look at the many birds and to learn more about the environment that supports them.
Afterwards, 27 people returned to St. John’s United to warm up with coffee and tea, snack on goodies and to enjoy Farrell Boyce’s excellent poems and music.
Sue Staniforth followed Farrell’s opening with an engaging slideshow update on FOSH activities from this past year and information on the three bird sanctuaries.  Before closing, there was also time for the audience to discuss other related issues.
All FOSH members were very cheered to see both returning supporters and some  “new” folks we had not reached before.   Sue congratulated everyone on the great teamwork and connected with supporters via Survey Monkey for their responses to the event and to find out what they might like to see happen in the future.  Stay tuned for more, including the International Migratory Bird celebrations in May!

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