Google Earth View of Shoal Harbour

(Kerry Finley reports that he has found a reason that hunting for Shoal Harbour’s) fabled eel-grass beds has been so hit and miss:

One of the latest Google Earth images from this past summer is one of the best resolutions yet. It shows that the patch we’ve been hitting is an isolated small spot in the northwest corner. See dark patch below. Not the long oval green patch which actually is quite interesting because it was not there a couple years ago and seems to have formed where a large tree became stranded and has been decaying ( it seems to have disappeared since the Nov – Dec storms). You can make out the more extensive band that parallels the sand flats headed to the east. This image from June 7 2015 shows a brighter green photo-bloom that somewhat obscures the edge of the well delineated eel-grass contour. (In order to find an eel-grass bed it) might be good to allow for a lower tide so that you can access the larger bed. 

Eel Grass beds

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