All Buffleheads Day and Naturehood Events Update from “the field”

A quick update with more to follow–including photographs!

All Buffleheads Day started with the exciting report that the ever-punctual Bufflehead(s) had returned.  Kerry Finley, keeping a close eye on the bay, reported;  “she’s back, a light-breasted female ( i.e. an elder) is keeping company with the Hooded Merganser in the northwest corner of Roberts Bay!   (I) Didn’t notice her at 07:18 scan but found her at 07:28. Haitska, kahooteenik.”

This sighting set the tone for a celebratory group at the Ardwell Kiosk as reported by Christine.  “It was a very happy, relaxed group who assembled at the kiosk on Ardwell.  Thank you all for a most pleasant time. Well done Kerry for your introduction.
We hope the rest of the plans for this week go well.”
Later in the day (after the lunch-time forum), Bob Peart added; “It was a great day, the female bufflehead returned.  And we had a chance to mix with Alex from Nature Canada, Ken from CWS and Jacques from Victoria — which led to good, well-informed conversations.”

Friday morning at Parkland Secondary was a wonderful success.  As reported by Sue Staniforth, the theater was full of eager students who were treated to a welcome song from Parklands’ First Nations students and the arrival of BC’s Lieutenant Governor LG (Judith Guichon).  After inspiring speeches, the core group of students and hosts were able to mingle and exchange thoughts on the environment.
On Friday evening another eager group gathered in St. Paul’s United in Sidney to listen to the story of John Macoun, Prairie Prophet and Saanich Rambler.  Bill Waiser entertained the assemblage with a fascinating account of this influential naturalist and invited us to add our names to the petition to have him recognized Nationally.
This morning holds more in store as the library will soon be filled with up-and-coming naturalists learning about the Bufflehead Duck from Tina, Kerry and Sue.
Expect to hear more and see photos very soon!

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