FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL : poem by Farrell Boyce


Norris Beach, Saanich Inlet

First day of school
I got a coffee at Melinda’s,
sat and organized my list.
Leaving, I see Moms and kids.
Eleven on a school day – what’s the deal?
I turn to ask and find familiar faces.
“Hey, Farrell,” says Joanne,
“You see the whales on Sunday?”
“Yeah,we saw some Orcas by Mill Bay.
At least the others did ‘cause I forgot my glasses.”
“But these were humpbacks, huge, with giant splashes!”

What, I think, has brought these roaming beasts
so deep into the bay?
Have they forgotten steel-clad men,
their great-grandfather’s day?
Do they find welcome in these waters
or no place else to go?
Upturned faces of these happy children,
they’re the ones who’ll know.

“Oh wow,” I say, “that’s fine!”
And on this golden day
my to-do-list is put away,
I share instead their joy.
On this first day of school
I made this lesson mine.


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