SX’ANEL – BULLHEAD SEASON (March 31st, 2015)

Professor Adam Monahan delivered his final lecture in Atmospheric Science 340 yesterday. On the way into Victoria for classes I observed the first significant cumulus development, and felt the convective potential from the parking lot on campus.

In his initial weather overview, referring to NAM chart six, he noted the appearance of the pink contour line off the west coast for the first time since his lectures began in January, an example of the vernal switch to convective heating. This, he predicted could give rise to local thunderstorms and heavy local downpours, though the “pink” contour indicated a lower probability.

After returning to Sidney and Shoal Harbour Sanctuary, I noted that the cumulus had darkened into nimbus over the Cowichan valley ( Keuecen – the valley of sunshine and cumulus build-up) and the Malahat.

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