North Saanich Artist Keith Levang


I have spent my life on the Canadian westcoast and the natural beauty inspires me to capture on canvas the seascapes & landscapes. The ever changing weather conditions bounce light, shadows and reflections around, challenging me to catch a specific mood or moment in time.


I aim to relate a representational look to my paintings minus the finer details found in a photographic image. Fortunately, I can paint year round with a plein air painting group or in my studio. There is generous access to the shorelines of Vancouver Island and this has given me an unlimited visual choice of images to record.

It is my good fortune to live in a community of people who appreciate and preserve the environment in a relatively natural state. Between the natural elements of our coastal landscape, combined with unpredicable weather conditions, I can paint the same scene several times, each image producing a different mood, shoreline contours or colour combinations.

I display my artwork in a number of local exhibits; participate in studio tours, arts events and plein air demonstrations.   I also teach some painting classes throughout the year.

Keith Levang


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