Thursday, November 20, 2014: An Enjoyable Afternoon on Roberts Bay

We didn’t plan it this way; there were supposed to be a dozen or so students from Parklands School along to help out. Thanks to some geographical confusion the students turned left instead of right and missed the gig. Foshers Sue Staniforth and Farrell Boyce, along with Kerry Finley and Jane Hunter (Native Plant Study Group)  with vigorous help from Sidney staffer, Mike Pryor  turned to and ripped out the ivy and debris from the copse at the Ardwell Avenue beach access on Roberts Bay and replanted with ocean spray, snowberry, mahonia, salal and wild strawberries, all indigenous plant species suited to the site.  We enjoyed our afternoon.

Mike and Sue have at it

Mike and Sue have at it

The tide was high and a multiple-species flock of ducks hung about vey close to shore. Kerry, the naturalist guy, pointed out that the ducks were drinking the freshwater from the storm drain that empties onto the beach at the foot of Ardwell. It seems that the ducks prefer this source to the more ample one at nearby Mermaid Creek. Why? Does Mermaid Creek water taste of motor oil and pavement? Or is the estuary water brackish because creek flow is insufficient to shoulder aside the salt water being pushed in by the tide? Lots of questions when you watch ducks.

Ivy (mostly) gone, native plants bedded. Everybody happy.

Ivy (mostly) gone, native plants bedded. Everybody happy.

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