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Celebrate the return of Bufflehead Ducks and other migratory birds with us 10:00 am to Noon, Saturday, November 7 (second try)

Happily, the Covid scare that caused the cancellation/postponement of the All Buffleheads Celebration scheduled for October 17 was traced back to two sniffly grandchildren. The first flight of Buffleheads arrived right on time (October 15) and more arrive each day.

It is a comfort to many of us human onlookers that the birds hold steadfast to the old
ways and will do so as long as we make a place for them. October 17, November 7
and any other day, for that matter are good days to welcome the presence of wild birds.

The event starts at 10:00 am, rain or shine. We wish we could say “everyone welcome” but with COVID-19 rules in place we can say that the first 50 people who show up can hang out with us as long as they keep the 2m/6ft rule. Masks are a good idea, too. If you arrive after the 50th person you can always go for a stroll on the beach, a good thing to do any day.

See you there!  Bring your binoculars.

Bob Peart and other keen-eyed observers scan Roberts Bay for Bufflehead ducks.
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